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Patio cleaning

We can transform your patio to its former glory.

Many of our clients do not know the colour of their patio untill we clean it.

We can also clean Pathways Driveways and Brickwork using the same system.

Removes Dirt Dangerous slippery moss and oil etc.


Service currently subject to availability of power socket and external water supply.

A). You understand that power washing, pressure washing, pressure cleaning are different names for the same service and that extreme high pressure can be personally dangerous and destructive to property

B).You understand that chemical cleaning means use of cleaning agents used to remove stains. and that these chemical cleaning agents can be harmful or fatal to humans, plants, animals, fish, birds, fungi etc.

(2) Limitations of Service
Pressure washing may reveal imperfections in surfaces that were not visible prior to cleaning, heavy build ups of mould and dirt may be hiding other problems such as cracks, oil or rust stains, wood rot, flaking or missing paint. In some circumstances the removal of a stain may not be possible or practical, and replacement of surface or repainting may be necessary.

(3) Services Performed Disclaimer
Services performed by A23 window cleaning Ltd are guaranteed to be at your satisfaction. However, certain negligence on the part of the property owner may interfere with the quality of work performed. Negligence may include, but is not limited to: Securing all doors, windows, screens, light globes, before pressure cleaning services, Removing all furnishings and items prior to pressure washing or painting services, Removing all vehicles from driveways and other personal property prior to cleaning services. Your personal property is your responsibility, so please protect it during cleaning processes.

A).You understand that Pressure Cleaning uses impact energy to dislodge a contaminant and that pressure cleaning creates a wind force that can blow small and medium sized objects that are not secured away or apart, and can open holes in rotten or weak materials such as wood, drywall or other manmade materials.

B). You understand that cleaning chemicals can kill plants and fish

C). You understand that it is your responsibility to keep your pets and children away from dangerous work being performed on your property

D). you understand that chemicals could damage clothing or cause flesh burns, and may damage other surfaces, items or plants including shrubs, grasses, annuals and perennials

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