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Pure water fed reach system cleaning.


The water I use is purified to  000 PPM (parts per million) TDS (total disolved solids}by 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration technology.

This technology has several benefits over the traditional window cleaning method and allows us to be competitive  in today's market giving you the assurance of getting the best results without danger , risk of injury and property damage or  invasion of privacy. Also the windows will stay cleaner for longer as the purified water leaves no residue and the window is left virtually sterile after cleaning with this method. Also allows safe cleaning of velux and dormer windows and conservatorys and other hard to reach windows up to 70FT or 7 storeys tall , or G123456.

Using this system you get more than just the windows cleaned , included in this service are the frames and sills at no extra cost.

Optimal results are acheived usually by the 2nd or 3rd visit , but usually 1st wash will be perfect , it depends on the age and condition of windows and frames ,

With this method the windows are left wet to dry naturally to a perfect spotless shine.

The water is tested for its purity before the start of every job to ensure no spots are left once the windows have dried.

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